Monday, November 21, 2011

An Open Letter to the Internet Justice Vigilante Crowd

Dear Internet Justice Vigilante,

Please be advised that your disposition betrays your motivation.  Behind the frighteningly unrealistic facade of "justice, truth, peace, and love" lurks a heart of arrogance, hatred, and hypocrisy.  E-mail in-boxes, blog comments, and Facebook posts betray the ironic fact that you have become the very thing that you so desperately hate.  Yours is not a true agent of change.  It never will be.  You cannot be taken seriously, for your methods of shedding light on emotionally charged situations betray the fact that yours is not the way of the cross.  You're not open to dialogue, reason, or logic, and since you already have everything figured out anyways, I'll not attempt to go on any further.

Grace and peace to you. 


(No relation to "C.P. Traveler," "@NotChuckPhelps," or any other of the courageously anonymous defamatory handles circling the internet these days)

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  1. Should have mentioned this in the post, but I'm not allowing any comments on these threads. My "pending comments" box is full of comments of the courageously anonymous type, as well as posts by people whose websites I'd rather not publish on my blog. Ever.
    That said, there are plenty of positive comments as well, so thank you.